There have been 2 words that have plagued me: Witch and Crone!

I have resisted them with all my might – lets just say I strongly identify with Sandra Bullock´s role in Practical Magic.

I have been called a witch for as long as I can remember, it never got easier for me, especially when I thought I hid my witchiness so well. When my friends called me a witch last Fri night, in the nicest possible way, it still triggered me.

So I felt into why.

If I WAS a witch, what would be so bad?

People would be intimidated by me
I would be overwhelmed and exhausted
I would not be safe, what about that deep knowing that you have been burnt at the stake many times.


Happens all the time, not my issue
Build the right container for it that suits me – I get to choose who I work with, remember!
I have healed the karmic pattern & have evolved to trust myself and my protection.

So, no different than if I deny it! What will it take to let this one go?

Back to the friends on Friday night who threw me a magically soulful, surprise Birthday party and showered me with love and gifts. Friends that didn’t know me 8 years ago, as a 6 figure CEO and loved me anyway. I felt into the energy of the night – why have we all been drawn to each other?

Then it struck me – They all have magic within them, even the ones that cant see it for themselves, and those are the women I have always attracted no matter where I go.

How can I embody my witchiness in a way that would feel good?

The women that I love most in this world, all have BIG magic within them.

They are the High Priestesses; powerful healers; highly Intuitive; Mediums; Deeply spiritual, magical women. I have helped them understand their gifts and embody their enoughness. They have blessed me with their gifts.

I have guided them to fine tweak their realities to let more light in through the cracks of their resistance.

I have guided them through activations, release & cutting the cords. I have showed them the ways to heal their hurt and disappointment wounds of their childhood and forgive themselves, others and God.

I have been their reflection and guided them through their blind spots. I have helped them shift their perceptions and weave magic into the container of their reality, aligned to their highest desires & purpose.

This is the world where I am wanted, needed and appreciated. For the longest time I had been going where I was needed but not wanted. Trying to get women to wake up to a level that was too far up to seem possible for them.

And through all of it, I realised that it is not about me, the personality me. It is about my souls journey. When I tend to it, I feel free and present and magical. I just have to get out of the way so my higher self, my best self, can shine through.

I have a friend who calls me magical every time I see her. That’s only because she is so magical herself, I thought to myself. She is seeing her projection in me.

Until I understood her message!

Finessing the energy with my magical touch is my natural way and it has blessed my life in profound ways:

I connect with soul sisters wherever I go, our inner Goddesses draw each other in. We have the same glow when we are embodied so recognise each other on sight. We interact with each other with love and sisterhood. We are the wind beneath each other’s wings.

I have enjoyed great success turning businesses around and then amalgamated 13 businesses into one, always very consciously finessing the energies to align with my vision.

I think back to our wedding in August. We very consciously crafted the container for the celebration of our love and that touched and lifted every guest who added their love vibration until the whole property was radiating joy and love.

Deeply magical! All of it!

If witch means: Surrendering to my Inner Goddess and opening up to receive her wisdom & guidance in a way that generates Divine Soulfire to propel me through living my purpose in a high vibrational way, over the never ending to-do list of my personality self.

Then, Fuck Yah! I fully give myself full permission to embody my witchiness.

And then, Crone!

My whole energy pulled back in resistance every time I heard the world!

Old, Haggard, decrepit, Death. Not available for that!

But then, I discovered that the word Crone came from Crown, which was more about stepping into the role as The Queen in your own life and there was a miraculous shift in my perception. My focus shifted from victim of future loss to the soulfire activating my High Priestess. So then, a reframed YES to Crone!

So now, on the eve of my 50, the rebirth into my next evolution, I do so with a healed and joyful heart; A purer channel of my Divinity, A witch, A Crone, a Magical woman who is in service to honouring this chapter of my Soul’s journey, set in landscape I am blessed with. I have stopped avoiding what is
screaming for my attention, so I can show up fully in the roles that I am choosing to play along the way.

That is the biggest dream come true. To have landed in my next evolution, with clarity of how much magic there is going to be. And, letting it sink in that the declaration I made to transform my life in Dec of 2008 on Gili Island, Bali has come a full circle and is fully grounded.

Birth. Death. Rebirth.

I am celebrating my coming of age. The transition is over. I am anchored into my new normal and I am grateful.



Peta Panos is an author, healer to wounded healers & Magical life wayshower
who helps spiritually gifted women activate their soulfire & embody their
enoughness so they can birth their brilliance with impact.

Peta mentors those stuck on Pain Island and their short visits pleasure Island
are no longer enough. They have decided to move to Pleasure Island
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Peta guides & holds the space for her private clients to finesse the energies
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