Prosper with Purpose

You are so much closer to breakthrough than you realise!

If you are here, you are more than ready to draw a line in the sand and just go for it. And not in a half-assed, I wrote a newsletter, where are my clients?´ kind of way. In a “I AM DONE WITH STRUGGLE! I AM NOW GOING TO SEE WHAT MY HIGHEST POTENTIAL IS” kind of way, that has Angels celebrating and the Universe on stand-by to deliver on your dream.

Prosper with Purpose

You are so much closer to breakthrough than you realise!

If you are here, you are more than ready to draw a line in the sand and just go for it. And not in a half-assed, I wrote a newsletter, where are my clients?´ kind of way. In a I AM DONE WITH STRUGGLE! I AM NOW GOING TO SEE WHAT MY HIGHEST POTENTIAL IS´ kind of way, that has Angels celebrating and the Universe on stand-by to deliver on your dream.

Live a life filled with wonder, prosperity & freedom

It is time to Step up and do what it takes to put your real, flawed, gifted and beautiful expression of a WOMAN WITH PURPOSE out there.

It is time to share your wisdom. Make the contribution that you so long to make. Feel that sense of fulfilment that you have waited so patiently for.

And THEN, there is that elusive financial freedom and prosperity that you WANT more than anything! So you can be FREE.

And you will get there. Unless you give up. It just takes time.

You get to choose how you uplevel – the hard way (full of struggle and lack) or the easy way (fun and high vibe flow).

What if there was a way to consciously engineer your business and life to Prosperity? To short circuit all the years of struggle and frustration at being so good at what you do, yet hiding your light while you try and work out what you really do and how to explain it.

You dont need a new website or more education, dear soul – sister, you need a sacred plan to BIRTH YOUR BRILLIANCE. Because when you do that, you will Birth your Business too.

The sacred plan that I am talking about will tick all your boxes. It is a plan that banishes that foggy brain and overwhelm with immediate effect and replaces them with clarity and curiosity about just how much potential you really do have.

Of course, this plan takes care of whatever has been holding you back too and magically empowers you to go for it in such a big way that you make the impact that you are meant to make and start living the prosperous life that you are meant to be living.


Yes, it takes consistent focus and action however, hard work, sacrifice & overwhelm do NOT have to be part of the equation!

When you learn to align to your desires, deepen your gifts, reconnect to your inner knowing, clear your blocks to success, simplify your business model and shift your mindset into prosperity consciousness, your clients will come to you.

Tap into your magical self and you will unlock Freedom and Flow

I’m here to help you feel the magic again. Midwife to your rebirth, holding the space as you heal back to wholeness, get in touch with who you really are and create the magical, prosperous business (and life) you desire and deserve.

“When you find the magic in every moment, you have more magical moments” – Peta Panos


Understanding the game energy plays is the one thing that I could talk about for the rest of my life! Everything is energy and when you understand how it flows, life becomes exciting, fun and prosperous.

Crafted CoachingMy street cred:

I thought my light work was in corporate for 21 years. I worked my way up from junior sales IDB (In Dad´s business) to 7 figure CEO of a huge tourism company.

I have bought, sold & amalgamated businesses yet the hardest transformation I have faced was my own.

I Retired from corporate financially free and moved to Norway and my beloved to live my purpose.

It took 5 years of hard struggle and hitting rock bottom to uncover what that was and now I share the formula that helped me find myself again.

Crafted CoachingMy gifts cred:

There is magic in every woman and my magic is my knowing, the way I sense energy and my high vibe perspective on the universal spiritual laws.

It has always been easy for me to see the truth of things. My most favourite gift is my capacity to feel joy and that is when my healing gift and intuition is at its most powerful. It shows up when I feel light, my inner world is at peace and I am free to have fun in the moment.

I am highly sensitive, empathic & psychically aware, I have a kick ass spirit team and now know that I am guided every step of the way. Energy is simple when you understand that we are all one in this game called LIFE.

Crafted CoachingMy integrity cred:

The way I see it is that we are all human, doing the best we can, where we are and with what we now have, so I have little judgment. Chances are that whatever you are ashamed about, I have done it or been it myself at some point.

We only know what we know until we consider another way. If you also desire to live in the magic, then I know that I have some shortcuts for you to BE the women with purpose who masters the dream (and most joyful) version of her business & life.

Crafted CoachingMy luxury cred:

Have turned left on more long haul flights than not; have jetsetted with the rich & famous; stayed at many of the World’s most beautiful luxury hotels, retreats & have tried every healing modality I have come across.

I get restless if I dont have a trip booked and do 5-6 luxury and juicy trips per year I can finally admit that I am in love with beauty, luxury and experiencing the best that my life has to offer without guilt.

Crafted CoachingMy spiritual cred: 

My first library book was about Magic & white witches, I was 14.

One of my most treasured experiences is some alone time with Einstein, the ancient skull of Consciousness.

I have been blessed with the most incredible teachers and mentors who have always showed up at the perfect time. My greatest fulfilment is when I am guiding someone through a transformational process or activation.

Crafted CoachingMy adventure cred:

Dolphins delight me! I have swum with wild dolphins many times and fell in love with scuba diving at 41. Clearly my mid life crisis period because I moved across the world at the age of 42 and started all over again.

I have travelled to many Sacred Sites around the world (BEST energy ever!) and also have a spiritual tours business. Travel is in my blood and I feel at home wherever I am in the World.

Crafted CoachingMy magical cred:

My life is a series of unusual, magical experiences including a physical angel visitation and a snake materialising in my house during my Reiki Masters initiation period.

Now that I understand more of who I really am and know what I had to change to shift my experience, I help other women reconnect to their own unique magic.

Crafted CoachingMy relationship cred:

Am engaged to my equal and best friend. We have an incredible partnership and deep love. I am blessed with deep friendships with people all over the world and love that we just pick up from where we left off last time.

Crafted CoachingMy no-guilt pleasures:

Champagne! Nothing says CELEBRATION more than a gorgeous bottle of dry Champagne.

As a foodie, I am always looking for ways to cook magically and LOVE my kitchen garden. My latest big loves are dancing & Kundalini yoga.

Crafted CoachingMy archetype of choice:

The High Priestess; The Earth Empress; Ageless Goddess, Queen, The Queen of cups

Crafted CoachingArchetypes I have overcome:

victim, slave girl, princess, people-pleaser, priest, and saviour.

Dont you just love that moment when it becomes sooo simple?

Clarity + Aligned energy = magical creation


The Official BIO:

Peta is an energy Healer and Conscious Prosperity Coach for Women with Purpose. She helps self aware, conscious women get the clarity they need to move forward again, unlock & breakthrough their subconscious blocks so they can craft their successful, soul-aligned business and a luxurious life in ease and flow on their terms.

After 21 years as a successful CEO in Corporate, Peta ‘let-go’ of the old masculine ways of working and aligned to her natural spiritual gifts and feminine wisdom to create a soul aligned business that helps other healers, coaches, consultants and innovative leaders to find their own freedom and influence.

Known for leading women to their greatness so they can tap into their own magical life; holding the space and guiding them through their inner journey to freedom, love and prosperity, Peta guides them within so they can discover their inner treasure and rebirth themselves into their authentic empowered selves.

She leads them through beautiful clearings, healings and releasing of past baggage, fear, counter intentions and limiting beliefs.

Peta is an author, speaker, coach and healer who shares her message and the ways that she crafts her own magical life.


Crafting a business through Conscious Creation truly is a birthing process.

If like the Empress (the Magic Arcana tarot card) you have been pregnant with your purpose, this is your time to strengthen your connection with the universe and your innate wisdom.

Give yourself and your business the care and the attention you deserve.


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