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Birth Your Business Brilliance



6 Month Quantum Leap Private Coaching

Find your way back to success & prosperity, this time in your own business.

You KNOW you have the potential to live your purpose; make your unique mark in the world and leave a legacy.

After all, you are a high-achieving go-getter. You have no trouble taking action and getting things done when you can see the big picture.

Your past results speak volumes about you – the financial prosperity you have created, the lives you have positively impacted and the luxurious lifestyle you have enjoyed.

You have always known what you want and how to get it, yet once you left your successful corporate job and started your own business; things didn’t fall into place as easily as you expected, did they?

In fact, You got stuck! And being stuck is not something you do well.

You know something feels wrong – out of integrity, yet you cant quite put your finger on it!

And you also know that a shift must happen for you to break through this time.

I hope you know you are not alone – even though sometimes it feels that way.

You have been searching for that moment when you GET IT so profoundly that it all makes sense and then everything will be ok!

I know you want that – because I did too!

Depending how long you have been trying to push through, you have beaten yourself up in every which way.

The thing is:


Helping others to become successful is easy, claiming your own success is a whole, different ball game…

As a coach, healer or creative entrepreneur you perceive more than most, have a strong sense of knowing & crave to craft  your business with integrity.

You have read all the books, done the group programs and somehow are always in the small group that learns lots of cool things but stays stuck.

So, here’s the deal – even though things are not working out as you hoped, it is not because you have lost your touch, it is because you are approaching your own business in the same way that you approached your job, with masculine energy and trying to work out what you need to DO.

And quite simply, that doesn’t work when it is your own business.

I’m guessing that you lie in bed at night, writing copy in your head, wondering what your soul mate clients really need and how you can get them to notice you.

I´ll bet you are putting in the same, if not more, hours you did in corporate but despite being busy you are not moving forward.

Book Your Breakthrough Session

This is Your Invitation

The mindset of a successful entrepreneur is very different to that of a salaried employee where the goal posts move constantly.

This place that I am describing is the make it or break it moment that every successful entrepreneur has faced.

Its also why 2 out of 3 entrepreneurs give up.

There is only one way to master this milestone and it is to go through it.

And the only way through it is to go within!

Unless you go within and shift your inner landscape by clearing out what is holding you back, its a little like trying to change your reflection in a mirror without changing yourself.

It is only then that you will experience your highest potential.

Guiding women through this sacred stage of the Heroines journey to breakthrough is my purpose and my genius.

If you are the woman I have described then you and I are walking the same path and I am available to help you unleash your authentic self and live your purpose like the rock star you are!

The transformation you will go through as you rise is extraordinary – all you have seen for yourself and more!

Your relationships become golden – you become visible to your soul mate clients and incredible business opportunity. Prosperity flows to you as it did before although this time, you dont have any of the exhaustion and burnout you had before.

You have learned how it is possible to set up your business in a way that supports you and is aligned to your highest potential. You have risen into ease and flow. You have taken your power back and you life is filled with love and connection.


Your Inner Wealth = Your Outer Weath

Strong, powerful, highly intuitive women who are hiding their light in an effort to conform yet deeply desire for their business to be an expression of their gifts and purpose.

Birth your Business Brilliance was created for you.

You consciously created success in your corporate job and are ready to create success in your service-based business. You are:

* a few years into your business, yet cannot get clear on your full concept, the direction you want to go or how to put yourself out there. You have been at it long enough to know that approaching your business in the way you approached your old corporate job is not working and you know you need a new approach because what got you here is not going to get you where you want to go.

* You want to take your business to the next level and know you need some guidance, mentorship to support you to align to your next level desires.

* You know you need to turn yourself around before you can turn your business around.

* You are committed to investing in yourself and doing what it takes to heal the past; love, accept and approve of yourself and give yourself permission to be your authentic self.

Hi, I’m Peta. An intuitive healer & success coach for creative entrepreneurs.

I left my 7-figure CEO corporate job to follow my purpose with freedom. Having worked my way up from junior sales rep to Managing Director over 10 years; turning 2 businesses around and amalgamating 13 businesses into one, I can tell you that the hardest turnaround I have been involved in was turning my successful corporate self into an successful entrepreneur.

For the longest time I struggled to work out what I was meant to do – I had this burning purpose within me yet I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, whom I was meant to serve or how to put myself out there. I spent ALOT of time trying to work out what my clients wanted and needed.

One day it dawned on me that I had it the wrong way around. I get to choose – after all it is MY life and My purpose!

Now I help other ex-corporate superstars make the shift to success as purposeful entrepreneurs.

Imagine if you and your business took a Quantum Leap over the next 6 months?

Flash forward to today where I Consciously Create and craft my business & life in alignment with my desires which has resulted in me being able to take at least 5 luxurious trips per year, work with 10 soul mate clients per year, spend quality time with my loved ones, give back and live with freedom.


I can see your potential. My brilliance is guiding you into authenticity and purpose. I sense and interpret your energy in order to shine the light on what is holding you back.

I see the truth of things. I can easily see straight through the drama to the energetic core of what is really going on. It was this gift that helped me in the mainstream corporate world and now I use it to guide my private clients in a straightforward and impactful way.


We are moving out of the Patriarchal era and women are rising up to take their rightful places in their own lives and business.

To fully stand in your full potential as the unique and powerful woman you are, you must love, accept and approve of yourself.

You must let go of the past and take ownership of what you desire to experience in your life.


To break through to the other side you will need courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather a decision that what you desire is more important than your fears.

You will be traveling the road between who you are now and the best of who you can be – the key is to allow yourself to make the journey.

With me as your private guide, its first class all the way baby!

Birth Your Brilliance

This is Your Invitation

My signature program is tailor made for each client. It is focused on healing to wholeness through Divine feminine principles and birthing your brilliance in a way that is congruent with your highest potential, passion & purpose.

The Healing Intensive

Half-day private intensive to get clarity and craft your quantum leap plan.

The last 90 minutes are devoted to clearing your biggest priority blocks (the ones you know about) and healing activation.

The Epic Private Sessions

11 x 60 min private 1 x 1 sessions
(every second week)

Alchemizing energy processes; soul alignment; clearing & healing blocks to success; embodiment of your full potential.

The 40 Day Practices

A new 40 day practice throughout the 6 months to support you on your journey and anchor in your new normal.  Includes:

40 day Energetic Empowerment

40 day Ageless Goddess

40 day Prosperity Plan

40 day Tapping into Wealth


Metaphysical Ascension Tool

A beautiful hand crafted bespoke power tool that is designed around your specific needs, and desires and guidance from your guides.

Each tool is intricately designed with the highest quality crystals and each stone is imprinted and activated with energies specific to your vibration, your needs and your energy signature.

Business & Brand Alignment

Develop your core Business “Language of Style” to Communicate Who You Are in all that you do and align your personal brand to your business.

30 Minute Consultation with Niche & Personal Brand Strategist, Susan Young.

You’ll Also Receive:

Plan & Prosper

A comprehensive workbook that will assist you to get clear and aligned to your desires and goals for the next 6 months.

Business Hours Support

Emergency email access between sessions Mon – Fri

Voice Recordings of Sessions

Find new nuggets every time you listen to your recordings!


Sessions are conducted over skype or in person (depending on travel schedules) and you will receive a voice recording of your session.

What you can expect:

*To discover and develop your innate gifts and purpose so that you can live with the freedom of being unapologetically YOU.

* To have the confidence to put yourself in the game and claim your life as your own.

* To embody your Inner Goddess and feel 10 years younger

* Better relationships and increased support from your loved ones.

* To move forward again – no more spinning your wheels, procrastination or distraction.

*To reconnect your head and your heart so that you can receive inspiration and guidance in the feminine and take inspired action in the masculine – all in ease because when you know exactly what to do, it becomes fun again.

* Get the clarity you seek and those AHA moments when you get it so profoundly that everything starts falling into place.

*Heal and let go of any subconscious programs, limiting beliefs or counter intentions that are holding you back

* To raise your vibration from self doubt, lack and scarcity into confidence, courage and clarity

* Healing; Mentorship; guidance; support

This 6 month Quantum Leap program will give you the Clarity, action plan, mindset mastery, wealth consciousness and transformation tools & healing needed to let go the past, live fully in the present & consciously create the freedom based business & life you desire at every level.

The brave may not live forever but the cautious and fearful do not live at all.

Personalised 1:1 Coaching

High Touch, High Value, High Vibe


Through my coaching sessions with Peta Panos, I have gone through an incredible healing process! I have come to know myself on a deeper level and been able to heal the wounds that had prevented me from truly acknowledging and developing my potential.

Peta is an excellent and unique coach and I can wholeheartedly recommend working with her if you want to reach your goals in both your career and personal life.

Singer & Songwriter


Peta easily draws you into her guided processes, allowing you to surrender for a time, whilst feeling safe and nurtured, to a place of transformation that you can literally feel happening inside of you.

It may feel scary going into the unknown alone, with Peta as your guide, you come out the other side feeling more authentically you, so very peaceful and with a whole lot more breathing space to create from.

Spiritual Leader, speaker and author


I knew I needed a healer in my life after spending thousands of $$’s on coaches, mentors, masterminds and nothing was working – in fact, I took 8 months off to try to figure out what on earth was going on.

Then I found Peta! I jumped into The Clarity Intensive and came out with a plan and tools that have re-aligned my gifts, talents and strengths, I’m back ‘in business’ and flourshing like never before. This will be the best investment you will ever make!

Personal Brand & Online Business Manager


In retrospect, I started working with Peta at the perfect time and was amazed at how much personal and professional growth awaited.

Peta has helped me face my demons, overcome my fears and realize my dreams. I felt so comfortable and connected to Peta during the skype sessions and wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services. She keeps it real and has the beautiful ability to bring out the best in people.

Director – Peacock’s Equipment


Peta’s coaching was precise, specific and eye opening. She helped me quickly identify a pattern that was blocking me from going further in my business.

Using her coaching skills and amazing intuition, she helped me discover answers to my next steps and put together strategies for my continued success.

Success Life Coach

Birth Your Brilliance

If not now, when?


Receive the tools you need to Prosper & Consciously Craft Your Divine Life

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