Awaken to Luxurious Soulful Success


Activate your unique Magic & Prosperity

What if you could quit isolating yourself just to avoid feeling drained by other people’s energy?
What if life stopped happening to you and started happening for you?
What if you didn’t have to wait for your next level of success to enjoy your life now?

The journey to personal freedom is elevated by igniting your SOULFIRE:
the soul energy that fuels your focus and clarity
so that you can take the inspired action necessary to be of highest service in the world.

This SOULFIRE requires a clear, powerful channel that only you can provide

It’s time for you to access & re-ignite your SOULFIRE
and have it propel you through your limitations, blocks, procrastination, and fear.
It’s time to become firmly rooted in your daily spiritual & energetic work so you can
awaken to luxurious soulful success.
It’s time to show up in your life & business in a way that
feels great, embraces your talents & gifts and magnetizes your soul mate clients with ease and flow.

It’s time for you to reconnect with your own Divinity on a deeper level

I know the journey you’ve been on over the last few years. I know the work you’ve already done to step out on your own in a big, big way with purpose… to upgrade your life; to build a business around your unique gifts & passions; to take inspired actions every day, even if it means taking huge leaps of faith.

This work can be hard,  even painful sometimes… and yet it still hasn’t  quite given you the fulfilment you were expecting. You´ve looked for guidance and answers: completing programs and finding aligned coaches, trying to figure out how to get back to your BEST self with fire in your belly to propel you forward in ease & flow.

You’ve mastered taking ownership of your life, but so much so, that you constantly try to solve what you think the problem is – perhaps even obsessively.

Sister, if this is you, I have some good news for you.

There’s nothing wrong with you!

You are not being punished and you are not a victim to your circumstance. You are just caught between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the conditioning you have been exposed to since birth, and the hard place is the changing times we live in.

It may seem that the world has gone mad with everything being in a state of transition, and you may well be in a state of upheaval too.

The Earth is ascending into higher vibrations and you’ve been invited to move with it.

Your inner Goddess is the SOURCE of your fulfillment

and the ONLY cause of your prosperity

Despite all the craziness, there is also Divine opportunity to rise with the powerful momentum of global change and rapid evolution. To elevate yourself into the higher vibrations and deeper connection to yourself & spirit.

It’s a journey worth taking. The reward is authentic freedom!

Crafted Coaching Freedom from old Patriarchal and ancestral conditioning that no longer serves you (or your circle of influence).

Crafted Coaching Freedom from the rules and cookie-cutter formulas that are keeping you small. You are unique, and it’s time to shine only the way YOU can!

Crafted Coaching Freedom to move forward on your authentic soul path and become the woman you were meant to be in your next evolution: make a bigger impact in the world with your message, to redefine how you show up in your life & business, & to craft your lasting legacy.

It is time to give more of the authentic YOU to the world. It is time for you to RECEIVE more authentically from the world.

Imagine where you could go & what you could achieve if you could drop the hustle & the cookie-cutter solutions and reignite your SOULFIRE?

What if the solutions you are searching for are simple skills you can easily learn with just a little more support and guidance?

How would you like to receive and implement tried and tested tools for self-empowerment, self-mastery and strengthened intuition?

Because when you reconnect your head and your heart, you reconnect to your inner wisdom and guidance.

By doing this, you reconnect with your own Divinity – the Goddess within.

When you learn to manage your own energy, you access infinite possibilities with greater ease & joy. This liberates your authentic spirit, which guides you to explore and achieve your highest potential in TRUE fulfillment and abundance.

When your desire to live a fulfilled and abundant life is bigger than your fears and you make a decision to get curious about your true potential in your business and life, The Universe responds immediately.

To support you with this, I´ve created the 6-week RE-IGNITE YOUR SOULFIRE Sistermind.

I created this offering because I have learned the value of Sacred Sisterhood and the power of the collective consciousness of women on the same path, and I am over the moon excited to share it with you.

This 6-week Sistermind will help you…

Crafted CoachingFind freedom, inner peace and fulfillment,

Crafted CoachingBreak out of the hustle and the constant pressure to achieve your goals,

Crafted CoachingImmerse yourself in the joy and pleasure available to you right now,

Crafted CoachingEmbody your enoughness,

Crafted CoachingCreate a reality that reflects your true Divinity by magnetizing your desires directly to you.

We begin on the 1st January – 9th February 2018

What’s Included


Group Coaching

4 x 90 min calls via zoom, where we´ll dive in deep to the processes that will keep you connected to your intuition and energetically strong.

Guest Speaker

1 x 90-min. group session with expert guest & vegan lifestyle coach, Sunny Gandara

Mojo Magic

1 private 90-min. session to explore & understand your unique purpose & gifts 

The 40-day Prosperity Plan

Elevate your prosperity consciousness in just 15 minutes per day

Spiritual Hygiene

Morning and evening spiritual hygiene audio guides to keep your vibe high 


Credits for further Learning

Voucher for credit towards Peta´s or Sunny´s 2018 programs

You’ll Also Receive:

Private Facebook Sisterhood

The benefits are great: To share experiences and insights, to anchor in our AHA´s. To celebrate and witness one another as we rise into higher vibrations. Joy is the most magnetic force in The Universe and in my book, nothing beats the joy of true sisterhood.

When women come together for a common purpose, miracles happen. Ceremonies and activations are more powerful and the whole group uplevels faster together than they would on their own.

Private Membership Site

A place for you to sign in and receive all you need to complete the program, catch up on missed live calls and download all of the cool stuff.

You will have access to the site for the lifetime of the program.

Business Hours Support

Lite email support between sessions, during office hours Mon – Fri

Pleasure Map & Workbook

A juicy welcome packet that includes a Divine Desire transformational map to anchor where you are now and where you truly want to be.

Voice Recordings of Sessions

Audio recording of each session so you can find new nuggets every time you re-listen.

Time Investment

30 mins per day and 90 mins per week for a juicy zoom call with all the magic.

Your investment for this magical journey is:

$1 444 USD


Your discernment allows you to stay true to your values and spiritual destiny without getting caught up in distraction. If you wish to grow spiritually to experience more love, joy, peace and prosperity, it always begins with understanding who you are and accepting yourself fully.
It’s time to stop seeking external validation and experience the power that comes from reigniting your SOULFIRE.

This program is subject to my standard terms and condtions
Payment plans are available in November, all plans will complete in Jan 2018


Peta Panos is an Energy Healer, Conscious prosperity wayshower & soulful business mentor. Peta´s mission in life is to help women awaken to their Divinity & embody their enoughness – to grow spiritually, emotionally & mentally so they can get their shit together in the physical.

Peta also knows how to build multi-million dollar businesses and can “see” where your blocks are and how to clear them so that you can heal to wholeness & THRIVE.


Sunny is a vegan food and lifestyle consultant, and helps women adopt a vegan lifestyle by teaching them how to make delectable plant based meals and working with them on how conditioned thinking has prevented them from making the lifestyle changes they really want for themselves.  

Through a high vibrational diet, increased energy and a deeper understanding of how all beings are connected on the planet, her clients experience a massive personal and professional transformation.

Awaken to the luxury of your Divinity and Prosperity Consciousness


Peta led me on a path to self-empowerment! I now have methods to manage stressful situations and an enhanced sense of self awareness and inner strength.

Working with Peta is a true life changing experience. I was able to learn so much about myself and let go of challenges that were all of a sudden in my way, with surprising ease. Peta is a genuine gem, she is patient, explains things with clarity and helps one discover true potential and true balance, all the while guiding with a steady and strong force that allows one to discover messages and meanings themselves. I can’t believe how differently I see things now, it has made an enormous impact on my life and I will carry the practices and lessons forward forever.

G.T. United States

Learning to work with my energy and the knowledge that I can cleanse myself of other people’s energy has been a game changer.

The technique of being present and anchoring myself are very helpful especially when I am feeling stressed. Working with Peta has been a refreshing experience. Although the program was relatively short, it made a huge impact in my life to an extent that I am a completely changed person in how I approach issues and in how I deal with people.

N.M South Africa


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