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Matthew D. McMillan

Where leaders go to get to the next level: When my personal life took an unexpected turn, I knew I needed to seek outside help. Peta was the one I turned to because of her business experience, caring spirit, authenticity and ability to challenge hidden success barriers.

Peta is the one that knows how to join you on your journey and move you to find the leader within.

Thanks Peta for being available to guide and challenge me. Keep making brighter stars in the world.

Leadership Coach and Psychotherapist

David Morelli

If you’re considering Peta Panos as your coach, I can tell you, “You’re in good hands!”

I’ve had the pleasure to teach her and see her blossom into a powerful, clear, action-oriented coach with patience and heart. I recommend you jump on this chance.

You can thank me later!

Head of The Enwaken Customer Satisfaction Department

Susan Goldberg

I highly recommend Peta as a Coach because of the way she interacts with each individual. She has a very soothing, gracious way of guiding one to the root cause of the issue, without being pushy or invasive.

I felt like I had a champion by my side and was able to move through my blocks easily. She is a beautiful person and her techniques are powerful and effective.

Business Development Director, Insight to Impact Inc

James Novorol

Peta always gives clear, professional guidance from a place of experience and understanding and gets to the centre of any issue very quickly. I worked with her in areas I was blocked, and her ability to clearly identify those areas and resolve them is remarkable.

Her sessions are always inspiring and bridge between rational, real world scenarios that we have to deal with every day and spirituality. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

Industrial Designer and Creativity Coach

Julianna Walker Sellers

Peta is a wonderful coach. I really appreciated her insight as she tuned into exactly what was keeping me stuck and holding me back.

She has led me through a variety of techniques over the time I have worked with her and always tailored it to be exactly what I needed. It was easy to follow her through the coaching process.

I really enjoyed the way she connected with me and guided my personal growth. I am grateful for her work with me and I look forward to continuing our coaching relationship long into the future.

Nicky Williams

I have had the pleasure of experiencing both the 90 min Intensive and the 90 day program and have found a profound effect in my business and personal life. Peta helped me to really connect with my essence and her daily practice is sensational. I find my familiar overwhelm has changed to excitement about my goals and regularly share what I have learned with my staff.

I highly recommend Peta´s coaching to any executive who is looking to play the inner game better.

Director Passage to Africa


Being an entrepreneur is a messy business and Peta totally gets it. Her coaching has given me clarity on big decisions and support through the challenging times (and there are many!). But possibly her biggest gift to me is the peace within, a voice that keeps reminding me, I’ve got this.

I absolutely love working with Peta and I can honestly say that my business and I have grown by having her at my side on this amazing journey.

Founder & Executive Producer, Perfect Tribe


Working with Peta has been one of the most life changing experiences, I was able to clear blocks from childhood and get direction in order to move forward.

Peta’s integrity, gentleness, compassion and ability to relate to my situation and put herself in my shoes, leaves me with no doubt she is the person to work with on a personal and business level through her ability to work through things in a spiritual and completely different way.

Southern Africa Tourism Specialist – Passage to Africa


In retrospect, I started working with Peta at the perfect time and was amazed at how much personal and professional growth awaited.

Peta has helped me face my demons, overcome my fears and realize my dreams. I felt so comfortable and connected to Peta during the skype sessions and wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services. She keeps it real and has the beautiful ability to bring out the best in people.

Director – Peacock’s Equipment


Peta’s coaching was precise, specific and eye opening. She helped me quickly identify a pattern that was blocking me from going further in my business.

Using her coaching skills and amazing intuition, she helped me discover answers to my next steps and put together strategies for my continued success.

Success Life Coach


Through my coaching sessions with Peta Panos, I have gone through an incredible healing process! I have come to know myself on a deeper level and been able to heal the wounds that had prevented me from truly acknowledging and developing my potential.

Peta is an excellent and unique coach and I can wholeheartedly recommend working with her if you want to reach your goals in both your career and personal life.

Singer & Songwriter


I knew I needed a healer in my life after spending thousands of $$’s on coaches, mentors, masterminds and nothing was working – in fact, I took 8 months off to try to figure out what on earth was going on.

Then I found Peta! I jumped into The Clarity Intensive and came out with a plan and tools that have re-aligned my gifts, talents and strengths, I’m back ‘in business’ and flourshing like never before. This will be the best investment you will ever make!

Personal Brand & Online Business Manager


Peta easily draws you into her guided processes, allowing you to surrender for a time, whilst feeling safe and nurtured, to a place of transformation that you can literally feel happening inside of you.

It may feel scary going into the unknown alone, with Peta as your guide, you come out the other side feeling more authentically you, so very peaceful and with a whole lot more breathing space to create from.

Spiritual Leader, speaker and author


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