Are you creating building blocks for flow in your business and life?

Whether you are a business owner or not, one thing that I know for sure that will help you to create more abundance, cash-flow and ease in your life, is to set yourself up with a solid foundation for your growth.

When I was striving to create the business of my dreams, I often felt like I was riding a wild rollercoaster with all the ups and downs. To be honest, there were times that I felt very unsafe. Now I know that, just like a rollercoaster, every business needs a very solid and safe structure in place to contain all the ups and downs. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to one big gust of wind to come along and knock it all down.

All businesses change and evolve over the years, but the most successful businesses have solid foundations and a container which has structure.

Shaky structures build shaky businesses and if you don’t set the right foundations in place, you don’t really have a business – you end up with a very expensive hobby!

Set the intention to create a solid business that is both sustainable and scalable, this will also increase your confidence and allow the clients and money to flow with ease.

Take a look at your business and find the places where you may be lacking structure, protocol and consistency. Be honest with yourself about what you find and look for simple, easy solutions that enhance and protect your business.

The places where you are procrastinating to finish projects are likely to be causing leaky holes, which are usually directly correlated to your income and money in the bank!

E.g. Have you checked your contracts and legals lately? Without the correct contracts, documentation and legals in place this can make you feel unsafe. This may be going on in your subconscious and you haven’t realised it. Although a lawyer may be expensive, you will mitigate any risk and the investment in getting your contracts & documents checked will leave you feeling confident that should anything go wrong, which in business it does, you are comfortable, secure and protected.

This week in The Women with Purpose Prosperity Club, I shared lots more on this, with a few other insights to help you to create more ease and flow in your business by creating structure. Here’s a snippet of what I shared and a fun analogy to get you unstuck: (watch time approx 9 minutes)


If you enjoyed this, you can watch the full video HERE in the club, I’d love to see you there. Please comment below with your questions or join in the conversation in The Women with Purpose Prosperity Club.

Love Peta xx


Peta Panos is an author, healer to wounded healers & Magical life wayshower
who helps spiritually gifted women activate their soulfire & embody their
enoughness so they can birth their brilliance with impact.

Peta mentors those stuck on Pain Island and their short visits pleasure Island
are no longer enough. They have decided to move to Pleasure Island
permanently and are looking for support to help them get there.

Peta guides & holds the space for her private clients to finesse the energies
and weave magic into the mundane “what is” to embody their unique magic &
anchor into their desired vibration.


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